Emily Rose has a voice reminiscent of Emmy Lou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, and Natalie
Maines. Hers is a voice that invites listeners in with every word sung. She is a jangly, retro-
hued country singer, who focuses on the true grit of the songs she sings. Ask Emily who
some of her favorite artists are and she reels off names like Patty Loveless, Wade Bowen,
Linda Ronstadt, Charlie Rich, Lukas Nelson, and Grace Potter.
Emily grew up in Flemington, NJ, where she was a bona fide member of a Conway Twitty
tribute band. “I was this little girl singing songs made famous by Conway Twitty,” says
Emily, reflecting on her formative years. “I knew the songs from my parents, but really, I
was too young to fully understand the words I was singing. Still, it was Conway Twitty!”
Pausing for a few seconds, Emily adds, “That was such an important part of my life. It set me
on my musical path.” Upon graduating high school in 2012, and with her parent’s approval,
Emily packed her bags and moved to Nashville.
Arriving in the capital of country music at the age of 18, Emily’s mission was simple: write,
write, write. “I focused on my songwriting, writing every day—which is something I still do.
I write by myself as well as with many Nashville-based songwriters and artists,” explains
Emily. Along the way, Emily signed with performance rights organization SESAC—and
began honing her own sound as a recording artist.
In 2019, Emily released her official debut single, “My Way Home,” via her label imprint, The
Growing Rose Recording Company, which is distributed by Symphonic. Writing about the
single in his Music Row column DisClaimer, country music critic/historian Robert K.
Oermann said, “Very promising. The sonic bed sighs with steel guitar, and her winsome
delivery of the lost-my-way lyric has loads of heart.” The single was also “Pick of the Week”
on SiriusXM’s New Music Friday With Larry Flick.
For her sophomore single, a cover of Joe South’s 1969 Grammy-winning hit, “Games People
Play,” Emily created a Scrabble-enhanced official lyric video.
Emily finished the year with the release of her third single, “Go to the Moon,” which the
artist co-wrote with Tori Tullier and co-produced with the Shuffle Brothers. An inspiring

tale of determination, fearlessness, and mindfulness, “Go to the Moon,” finds Emily singing,
“I take my chances/I’m a little bit reckless/This fire burning/It just won’t go out/I see the
top and/I wanna go get it/Maybe it’s crazy that I won’t back down.”
Billboard magazine premiered the single, with country music journalist Annie Reuter
hailing the song “triumphant,” and remarking, “her memorable vocals blending effortlessly
alongside soaring steel guitar, B3 organ and delicate strokes of the piano.”
While “Go to the Moon” was spending two months on Spotify’s New Music Nashville playlist,
Emily and filmmakers James DeMain and Price Harrison were creating and filming the
song’s accompanying music video, which premiered on CMT in February 2020. “This is my
first music video. I was so emotional watching it for the first time,” Emily says. “As a little
girl, I always imagined what it would be like to film a music video. To see it come to life
made me feel strong, empowered, and excited for the future.”
When she’s not recording her own songs, Emily is often in the studio co-writing with such
songwriters and producers as Ed Hill, Tori Tullier, JR McCoy, Brian Bunn, and others. Many
of Emily’s songs have been recorded by emerging Nashville artists. Throughout, Emily
always writes what she knows. The same is true of the songs she sings.
“I don’t want to sing anything I cannot relate to,” she says. “I am proud of who I am and
want to show the world my true self. What really gets to me is when I can feel what a singer
is feeling—that’s what I want people to feel when they hear me sing. And hopefully, my
lyrics and songs will inspire one or two people along the way.”

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