May 22, 2020

"One of my favorite date nights is actually a night in. I put on some of my favorite records, open a good bottle of wine, and dance away like no one’s watching. I especially love the classic country two-step songs that you just can’t help but get up and dance to. I wanted a song like that of my own. You know, a song that makes people smile, feel good, forget their worries, and yes, dance.”


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February 12, 2020

“’Go to the Moon’ is all about chasing your dreams with determination, fearlessness, grit, and mindfulness — while having some fun along the way,” Emily Rose told “The video shows the process of realizing your dreams when you’re a child and seeing them through as an adult. To reminisce on the past and revel in the future.”



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November 7, 2019

Country newcomer Emily Rose touches on her Nashville journey throughout the triumphant “Go to the Moon,” which Billboard premieres exclusively today (Nov. 7).

A dreamer herself, the New Jersey native details her hope to break new ground and go places she’s never been on the reflective “Go to the Moon.”



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May 30, 2019

Writers: none listed; Producer: Donnie Skaggs; Publishers: none listed; The Growing Rose
– Very promising. The sonic bed sighs with steel guitar, and her winsome delivery of the lost-my-way lyric has loads of heart. Send more.





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