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Introducing "Cover Stories"

Hey there friends . . . Happy Monday & Happy JUNE! Let's be real, the past few months have been entirely crazy kookoo banana pants. Am I retired all the sudden? Am I on lockdown? What do I do with my time? Who do I talk to? Am I drinking too much? One too many DIY projects, OMG my husband is going to kill me or am I going to kill him!!??? I NEED TOILET PAPER! Where is my sanity? I think ya'll know what I am talking about: the big Q. Quarantine. One thing that has really helped me get through this crazy time is music. I am first and foremost a music fan. I've always loved all kinds of music from Pop and Rock to Country and Americana. It truly heals, it can change your mood, it can help you express yourself, and it can make you dance, which in turn makes you happy. Pour a glass of wine and turn on some tunes, and Voila!, mood changed. I love love love being nostalgic, and lately, I have been REALLY diving into throwbacks and guess what?? They make me even more happy (if that's even possible.) It's super fun to go back and listen to old favorites and remember what was going on in my life at that time—as well as what was going on in the world. I see change, I see growth, and I see that we are constantly expressing ourselves and coming together with music. It’s a beautiful thing. A newish hobby of mine is looking over Billboard charts from throughout the years. It’s amazing how much music there is—and how much music we forget about. You know, you hear a song, and go, “OMG, I FORGOT ABOUT THIS SONG, THIS WAS MY JAM.” It’s so fun.Next thing I know I am being transported back in time and doing my old middle school dance moves throughout the house. Which got me thinking, How fun would it be to start covering this music that has influenced my life from day one to now. All genres welcome; ditto for all middle school dance moves. So, drum roll, please . . . I am excited to share with ya'll my brand new YouTube series, "Cover Stories!" New videos will be uploaded EVERY WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY on my YouTube channel, linked HERE—along with my new blog that will be posted every Monday at

Every other week I will be covering a year of music, starting with the year I was born, 1993. I am so excited to get all nostalgic with ya'll and see what fun music comes up when digging into the top songs of the past twenty-six years. I hope you join me. This is going to be FUN!

Much love & happy listening, Emily Rose

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